Longity is designed to leverage a direct uptake pathway that transports NMN across cell membranes directly into the cell via the Slc12a8a enzyme. Our proprietary NMN-C® delivery system was developed in collaboration with Dr. Alessia Grozio, who co-discovered the breakthrough Slc12a8a NMN transporter.
Innovation through science

1. Targeted cutting-edge technology : Slc12a8 is a gene encoding NMN transporter with a critical role in regulating intestinal NAD+ metabolism. Longity’s advanced bioavailabilitytechnology targets directly the uptake of NMN in the small intestine where NMN’s transporter is particularly expressed. This proprietary delivery system enables a greater bioavailability and a higher absorption level, increasing Longity’s efficacy.

2. Tested: Longity NMN-C is Self-GRAS in accordance with stringent US FDA regulatory guidelines. It is manufacture in cGMP-certified facilities in Europe. Every NMN-C® batch is evaluated for purity, and impurities.

3. Safe: NMN-C® is used in in-human trials, meaning it meets clinical levels of safety, purity and quality. With 11 clinical trials underway, NMN-C® is the most extensive in-human NMN research program to date.

4. Hight Tolerance: An OECD 408 toxicology study – the first of its kind to be undertaken on Nicotinamide Mononucleotide NMN –demonstrated NMN-C® has a NOAEL tolerance level 3x higher than Nicotinamide Riboside NR and almost 7x higher than Nicotinamide NAM.

5. Natural: Formulated only with vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, sugar-free ingredients.

Numerous clinical and preclinical trials had shown NMN supplementation to increase NAD+ biosynthesis and yield beneficial pharmacological activity on multiple critical elements affecting health and aging:

Age-associated weight gain, energy metabolism and physical activity
Glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity
Cardiovascular and cognitive functions
Acute and chronic inflammation and inflammation.

Optimized daily concentrations of Longity can replenish levels of NAD+ which decline rapidly from age 30, and help to control hundreds of key processes that support human healthspan.


3rd party tested (99.6% purity)
Vegan Sugar-free
Free of synthetic colorants


FDA’s Self-GRAS status
FDA-GRAS ongoing
CANADA NHP ongoing
NOVEL FOOD ongoing
TGA ongoing


Proprietary NMN manufacturing process made in Europe Certified cGMP NSF certification ongoing


World first OECD 408 study on NMN published
Human clinical trials pipeline