Numerous clinical and preclinical trials had shown NMN supplementation to increase NAD+ biosynthesis and yield beneficial pharmacological activity on multiple critical elements affecting health and aging:

Age-associated weight gain, energy metabolism and physical activity Glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity Cardiovascular and cognitive functions Acute and chronic inflammation and inflammation.

Optimized daily concentrations of Longity can replenish levels of NAD+ which decline rapidly from age 30, and help to control hundreds of key processes that support human healthspan.


3rd party tested (99.6% purity)
Vegan Sugar-free
Free of synthetic colorants


FDA’s Self-GRAS status
FDA-GRAS ongoing
CANADA NHP ongoing
NOVEL FOOD ongoing
TGA ongoing


Proprietary NMN manufacturing process made in Europe Certified cGMP NSF certification ongoing


World first OECD 408 study on NMN published
Human clinical trials pipeline