Favourable tolerance

An OECD 408 toxicology study – the first of its kind to be undertaken on NMN –demonstrated NMN-C® has a NOAEL tolerance level 3x higher than NR and almost 7x higher than NAM.

Clinical research

NMN-C® is used in in-human trials, meaning it meets clinical levels of safety, purity and quality. With 11 clinical trials underway, ours is the most extensive in-human NMN research program to date.

Verified safety & quality

NMN-C® is Self-GRAS in accordance with stringent US FDA regulatory guidelines. We manufacture in cGMP-certified facilities in Europe. Every NMN-C® batch is tested for purity, and impurities.

How can NMN-C® help your patients?

Download our free white paper to explore the evidence of how NMN supplementation can support health well into our later years. The white paper presents recent clinical and preclinical research around NMN, and explores how NMN-C® can help us address the personal, social and economic burdens caused by stagnating global healthspan.